The word patient originally meant "one who suffers" and Psychotherapy can be translated as “caring for the soul”. In my experience, when someone seeks therapy it is because they are suffering in some way or another.

Therapy can help us to regain some clarity over what can be a difficult time in our lives. The idea is to create a special space and time for you to reflect on your past experiences, re-evaluate the present and explore options relating to your future.

It's difficult to single out the reason why people seek therapy. It might be after a life event, concern for others, physical symptoms or general discontent. Suffering can take many shapes and forms and it often involves distress, anxiety, anger or depression. 

Some of the difficulties I work with include:

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Sexual Abuse

- Relationship difficulties and divorce

- Sickness 

I also have a special interest in cancer and am organising support groups for those undergoing cancer treatment and for Life After Cancer. 

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